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Financing to make business take off

Does your company require some form of financing to take the next step? East Sweden Business Region has a good picture of the financing that is available in Östergötland to complement market-sourced financing.

Loans and equity are managed primarily through ALMI which can also refer the business to other regional and national financiers. In areas such as innovation, product development, business development and internationalisation, within the region there are opportunities to apply for different types of subsidies and grants. There are great opportunities for support if your ideas are good, but the competition is great.

Examples of grants are business development grants, innovation grants from Vinnova and verification funding from Linköping University/InnovationskontorEtt. The range of grants, whose purpose, amount and availability vary, is large. In 2013, around SEK 30 million provided companies and projects with much-needed assistance to grow and develop. 

In the East Sweden Business region, ALMI is the coordinator for the financing. Almi also offers advice in these matters.


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