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Vreta Cluster

In the Vreta Cluster, we are building a creative development arena and meeting point for companies in the green industries – a sort of green hothouse where we are creating the conditions for the development of ideas, businesses and industries in general through collaboration.

There are activities here in crop production, animal husbandry, food, energy, forestry and aquaculture, which are all important areas of development for our region, where we want to contribute in terms of markets and benefits to society. This is where business meets research – in an open innovation environment where we can provide support for technological development and its application in green industries.

At present, there are 20 companies in the Vreta Cluster – all active in green industries.

The Vreta Cluster is a meeting place and a development arena, where we offer office spaces, conference facilities, training and events, as well as a unique network. Through collaborations between companies, research and development, we want to promote innovation, the generation of new business concepts, and the exchange of knowledge.

The principal financiers of the Vreta Cluster are Linköping Municipality and East Sweden Region (Regionförbundet Östsam). Project sponsors are AgroÖst and the property owner is Sankt Kors Fastighets AB.

Helene Oscarsson

Vreta Cluster

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Vreta Cluster

We are a creative development arena and meeting place for businesses in green industries.