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Norrköping Science Park

Discovering and stimulating new business opportunities are probably the strongest driving forces in Norrköping Science Park. We create the right conditions for companies to be able to start up, establish and develop themselves here, and we are particularly focused on companies in the field of Interactive and Visual Media (IVM).

Through our projects and development arenas along with our unique test environments, we form an obvious hub for innovation in Norrköping and the region. As an entrepreneur in the Start Up programme, you are provided with excellent opportunities to develop your business concept and take your first steps towards a new career. One of the country's sharpest business incubators, LEAD, is also located here.

Today, close to 140 companies are part of Norrköping Science Park. We also have an established cluster around Interactive and Visual Media with almost 70 members.

Norrköping Science Park is operated in close cooperation with Linköping University, Norrköping Municipality and the business sector. The following organisations and companies enable the activities of Norrköping Science Park through financial aid: Norrköping Municipality, Klövern, European Regional Development Fund, Acreo Swedish ICT, Norrköping utvecklingsstiftelse (Norrköping Development Foundation), Vinnova, East Sweden Region (Regionförbundet Östsam), Business Sweden, the Swedish Agency for Regional Growth and Development.

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Norrköping Science Park

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Norrköping Science Park

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