East Sweden

Mjärdevi Science Park

Mjärdevi Science Park AB is a municipally-owned company which is committed to offering the best conditions for growth for innovative enterprises and development environments in Linköping through unique collaboration between actors at the local, national and international levels.

Mjärdevi Science Park features high-tech, innovative and successful companies with a global reputation. Most are direct spin-offs from, or have strong links to, research at Linköping University.

Today, approximately 260 companies are located in Mjärdevi Science Park. Specialist profile areas are Mobile Broadband, Automotive Safety, and Image Processing and Visualisation. In addition, there are many companies in Software and Systems Development, Sensor Technology, Cleantech and Life Science.

You'll find the best in the industry in Mjärdevi Science Park, with possibly the country's most skilled IT people. The open environment with international corporations, small business start-ups and world-leading research all close to each other spawns exciting collaborations and projects.

Mjärdevi Science Park

We help our companies to grow and develop.