East Sweden

Meeting places and networks

We all need to bounce our ideas off other people in different forums in order to progress and get our business ideas off the ground. East Sweden Business Region is crawling with meeting places and networks for entrepreneurs. There is scope for meetings of all types: relationship-building, informal, informative and inspiring. Well worth a visit are, for example:

CreActive: An interdisciplinary and creative meeting place where students, researchers and entrepreneurs can discuss and realise ideas together in completely new forms. CreActive is on three floors covering over 700 square metres with bookable conference/meeting rooms, workplaces, seminar rooms, study places and showrooms.

Lunchklubben: A meeting place for those involved in deciding and influencing what happens in the region. Lunchklubben is held at the Visualisation Centre C of Norrköping Science Park and Linköping University the last Monday of each month. On each occasion, you will hear an exciting lecturer.

Meet@Mjärdevi: Always held on the last Thursday in the month with a speaker from one of the companies in Mjärdevi Science Park who talks about his or her journey. In addition Meet@Mjärdevi arranges breakfast meetings 3–4 times per year.

Visualisation Centre C: A centre for experience and knowledge sharing with exhibitions, Dome cinema, Virtual Reality arena, conference facilities, cinemas, media lab, research facilities, restaurant and shop. Visualisation Centre C's goal is to provide exposure for and disseminate knowledge about visualisation based on the world-class research being carried out at Linköping University.

Bright East: A network and forum where newer generations can toss around old ideas, hatch new ideas and often put plans into action. New friends, colleagues and customers might very well turn up.

Break: Break is the network for those on maternity leave hungry to network and keep in touch with the business world. Children are welcome at these get-togethers, where the talk is about careers, politics and business and you exchange experience on how to combine a career with life as a parent of small children. At each get-together, an inspiring lecture is held and coffee and snacks are served. Of course, facilities include a baby changing table and areas to both crawl and play on! Follow the Facebook page for more information: Break.

Coffice: Smart and inspiring, alternative working environment. Coffice is a meeting place for the exchange of ideas and services that also offers meeting rooms, Internet access and PO boxes for those who want them.

Within the region, there are also a number of area-specific entrepreneur groups who work for and together with their member companies with a focus on continued business development and networking:

The Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden

Företagarna (site in Swedish only)

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Linköping branch