East Sweden

In Focus

In East Sweden, ideas and businesses are being developed constantly. These are the stories of some of them.

Visualisation - world-leading research and a unique science centre

Visualisation is based on the human being's unbeatable ability to interpret images. By translating complex data into images, we can make large amounts of information easy to comprehend, understand and use.

Aeronautical engineering – research and development at the cutting edge of technology

Here, world-leading technology in a number of aerospace-related areas is being developed. For over 75 years, our region has been the leader in aircraft development and is where Sweden's only aircraft manufacturing takes place. Ever since Saab began its aircraft manufacturing in 1937, most Swedish aircraft within the Swedish defence forces have been developed here, and today close to 20,000 people work within the aviation cluster.

Cleantech - sustainable future

Cleantech for us means activities that are strong in the areas of waste management, recycling, renewable fuels, product development and services, as well as research and education. Here you'll find big established R & D-heavy industries as well as innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. Here you'll also find eco-cycle thinking and commitment to the environment as a driving force for the development of new technologies and products in the environment and energy fields.

Logistics – the right location for business

It is no secret that efficient logistics strengthens competitiveness. It is also no secret that East Sweden ranks as one of Sweden's two main logistics regions, and the most important one on Sweden's east coast. With our strategic location in Sweden and with excellent transport links to Eastern Europe, East Sweden is a natural link to limitless possibilities. From local to global. From smaller to bigger markets. From vision to actual growth.